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At ADIndustrial, we are experts in solutions and technology for moving materials in the food industry in Mexico and Latin America, with DTS: leaders in industrial cooling.

Recognized for our innovative range of solutions, the excellent quality of our products and the exceptional level of service, ADIndustrial responds to the demanding demand of multinational customers in the protein, bakery, dairy products, snacks, fresh and frozen products and beverages sectors.

Industry on the move: our engineering team is always ready to prevent and avoid a costly plant stoppage. The technical capacity of our team, audit programs and stress tests make up the world-class service that protects your operation throughout the country.

More than 15 years of experience serving the industry. Distributor of the leading manufacturers of equipment, conveyor belts and industrial supplies, ADIndustrial offers the demanding food industry the most innovative solution that guarantees its production and profitability.

Yes, multinational corporations trust ADIndustrial for its wide coverage. ADIndustrial keeps each and every one of its plants in motion throughout the national territory.

We share the values ​​of your industry: profitability, loyalty, ethics, integrity, responsibility and service.


  • We link manufacturers and customers to obtain creative and innovative solutions.
  • Specialized technical support.
  • Face-to-face training and through new communication technologies.
  • Real-time support. Expert and trained engineers to support your improvement and growth plans
    • Support to support your designs and special requirements.
    • Expert knowledge of the processes in the industry in Mexico.
    • We identify and solve your maintenance problems.
    • Audits and stress tests for preventive and corrective diagnosis.
    • Decades of experience in the industry.
    • Local inventory capacity to improve response times.
    • New technologies always available.
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