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Service packs and installation kits

Service packs

Service Pack consists of

  • A grease pouch of selectable lubricant type in various volumes
  • An OEM battery pack: DC 4.5V Alkaline battery pack (standard) or DC 4.5V Lithium battery pack

*Note: A battery pack is not included in the MSP and PLC service packs

  • A disposable dust cover: PVC dust cover (standard) or U/V protection dust cover

* Note: A dust cover is not included in the PLC service packs

Installation kits

Remote Installation

Kit No.2000RC-1

Electrochemical - Pulsarlube E

Kit No.1000RC-1

Electrochemical - Pulsarlube V

Kit No.1250RC-1

Electromechanical - Pulsarlube M, MS/MSP, PLC Series

Multi-Point Installation

Multi-Point Remote Installation Kits

2 - 8 points New Progressive Divider Block
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