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Glen Dimplex


GDT is the leading OEM provider of medical imaging fluid cooling equipment. This critical application requires the utmost in accurate and reliable cooling solutions. GDT offers company solutions to accompany imaging equipment models from all major manufacturers. Our modular designs allow for continuous redundancy, protection against costly and life-threatening downtime. We also provide support, from project conception to installation and life of the machine. Designed for use with MRI, CT, PET and linear accelerators, GDT coolers' have a 99.96% time record. GDT 'chillers allow for quick and easy maintenance and repair, as well as offering extensive service contracts to ensure maximum uptime.

Laser equipment

GDT offers well-known, proven designs to provide efficient cooling water specific to laser equipment. As the expert and preferred partner for many leading laser manufacturers, GDT has developed custom and pre-engineered chillers with special features to ensure precise temperature control and absolute reliability.

Heat induction

Induction heat processes require industrial chillers that work very hard in dusty ambient and high environments. GDT has developed strong process cooling solutions for heat treatment, induction heat and plasma spray torches. When things get hot, GDT is there to keep things cool and running smoothly.


Filtration Top Original Equipment Manufacturers look to GDT to provide refrigerator designs that stand their own under heavy workload and harsh environments. Through creating successful solutions for cutting tools, grinding and other applications that likely use a filtration process for hydraulics, GDT stands alone with a solid reputation as an industry leader.


Welders generate extreme heat and frequently waste water resources. GDT 'process chillers can reduce water consumption, eliminate waste, and ultimately reduce water expenses. GDT coolers and specialty welding packages are expertly designed to help protect welding applications from equipment failure and maximize production time.

Plastic processing

GDT has been a leader in plastics processing refrigeration systems for decades. Improper cooling can lead to stains or warped parts, which wastes time, money and energy. GDT's reliable process chillers have been specially designed to minimize and eliminate sweating, allowing for consistent quality printing and increased throughput in your single process.

Food and Packaging

Cooling is an essential requirement for many food and beverage processes and packaging applications, including wineries and breweries. Drawing on years of industry experience, GDT offers both standard and custom designs to meet numerous specialty application needs, such as low temperatures, redundancy, and more. The result is greater efficiency, high-quality products, and the taste of success.

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